Release date: Mayo 15, 1997
Release number: 97-122

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Following Recent Injury CPSC Reissues Warning: Lawn Darts Are Banned and Should Be Destroyed

"CPSC banned lawn darts in 1988, but some of these dangerous products may still be in garages, basements, or second-hand stores," said CPSC Chairman Ann Brown. "Parents should destroy these banned lawn darts immediately."

Before the 1988 ban, lawn dartswere sold in sets that usually included four large darts and two targets. Lawn darts also were sold in packages with other sports equipment. The darts typically are about 12 inches long with a heavy metal or weighted plastic tip on one end and three plastic fins on a rod at the other end. The darts are intended to be grasped by the rod and thrown underhand toward a target. Lawn darts can cause skull punctures and other serious injuries. CPSC urges consumers to discard or destroy all lawn darts immediately. They should not be given away since they may be of harm to others.


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