Release date: Mayo 1, 2007
Release number: 07-169

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August Deadline Set for End to Central Sprinkler O-Ring Sprinkler Recall - Property Owners Should Act Now To Request Replacement of Sprinkler Heads

The voluntary replacement program (VRP), which was first announced in July 2001, included about 35 million O-ring fire sprinklers manufactured by Central Sprinkler, Gem Sprinkler Company and Star Sprinkler Inc. due to a concern that some O-ring sprinklers might not operate in a fire situation. To participate in the replacement sprinkler program, property owners must submit "Proof of Claim" and "Waiver and Release of Claims" forms to Central Sprinkler Company postmarked by August 31, 2007. Valid claims received prior to the deadline will qualify for free replacement sprinkler heads and installation services.

Consumers can obtain additional information on identifying the sprinklers covered by this recall and instructions on filing a claim by visiting or by calling Central Sprinkler at (800) 871-3492 anytime. For a full list of sprinkler heads involved in the recall, consumers can view CPSC's previous press release.

This deadline relates only to the Central Sprinkler O-ring sprinkler recall announced on July 19, 2001. It does not involve additional models of sprinklers other than those named in July 2001. Building owners who already have: (1) had replacement sprinklers installed by Central Sprinkler; (2) submitted a claim to Central Sprinkler that has been deemed complete and installation of the replacement heads is pending; or (3) confirmed that their sprinkler heads are not covered by the Central Sprinkler VRP, need not take any further action under the VRP. Building owners who have previously submitted an incomplete claim will be sent a reminder notice requiring them to send in any missing information or materials by the August 31 deadline or else their claim will be void.

Central Sprinkler urges all other building owners to consult with their fire sprinkler installer and/or check their system records as soon as possible to determine whether their sprinkler heads are covered by this program.



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