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Grizzly 10-inch hybrid table saws
The motor pulley can come loose and hit the table saw blade, causing the blade teeth to break into flying metal fragments, posing a risk of laceration or impact injury to consumers.
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Agosto 19, 2015
About 1,240
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Grizzly at 800-523-4777 any time, email or online at and click on Customer Service at the bottom of the page, then Product Support and then Recent Recalls for more information.

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This recall involves Grizzly 10-inch hybrid table saws with model number G0771 and serial number between TS2014060001 and TS2014111244 or a date code between 06/2014 and 11/2014.  The Grizzly logo, "G0771," the serial number and the date code are printed on the side of the table saw's enclosed white metal base. is printed on a green band on the bottom of the base.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled table saws and return them to Grizzly for a full refund, free repair or a free motor pulley kit that can be installed by the consumer. Grizzly is contacting consumers who bought the recalled table saws directly.


The firm has received two reports of incidents with the table saws, including one report of a 46 year-old man who suffered a broken nose and lacerations when he was hit by flying pieces of the table saw.

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Grizzly's showrooms, online at, in Grizzly's catalogs and in woodworking trade magazines from January 2015 through May 2015 for about $625.


Grizzly Industrial Inc., of Bellingham, Wash.

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