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efco brand Gas Trimmers from Emak USA
The muffler on the trimmer's engine can break during use and pose a fire hazard.
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Diciembre 10, 2013
About 1,400 in the U.S. and 166 in Canada
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Emak USA at (800) 800-4420 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET or visit the firm's website at and click on Recall Information at the bottom of the home page.

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The trimmers are used in both residential and professional applications for cutting grass and light brush. The cutting attachments include a trimmer head and metal blade. The trimmers are about 72 inches long. They are colored red and gray with either a bike or loop handle configuration. Three models are recalled in two engine sizes measured in cubic centimeters.  They are: 36cc models 8371 S and 8371 T, and a 40.2cc model 8421 T engine displacement. The brand name "efco" and model number are printed on the front of the engine and the brand name also appears on the wand.


Consumers should stop using the recalled trimmers immediately and return them to an authorized efco dealer for a free muffler replacement kit.


The firm has received eight reports of incidents, including one resulting in singed hair. No serious injury or property damage have been reported.  

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Authorized efco dealers at both retail stores and online, and Menards stores between June 2009 and July 2013 for about $400.

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Emak USA, Inc., of Wooster, Ohio 


Emak USA, Inc., of Wooster, Ohio 

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