The mattress sets fail to meet mandatory federal open flame standard and pose a fire hazard to consumers.
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Abril 21, 2010
"About 15,000"

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This recall involves crib and bunkie mattresses and mattress sets (mattresses and mattresses with foundations) in sizes twin, full, queen and king. The crib and bunkie mattresses do not have any labels. The other mattresses have “Classics,” “Classics II,” “Imagine,” “Sweet Mysteries,” “Treasures,” or “Comfort Dream” printed on a label located at the top of the foot of the mattress. The “Classics” model manufactured between August 2008 and April 2009 is not included in this recall. This model has a federal label attached that includes the date of manufacture and “Classics” (see below).


Consumers should stop using the mattresses immediately and return them to Tropical Bedding Mfg. for a refund.


None reported.

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City Mattress and furniture stores in Puerto Rico from July 2007 through September 2009 for between $30 and $135.

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Tropical Bedding Mfg., of Caguas, Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico
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