"Water heated in the teakettles can spill and spray while being poured, posing a burn hazard."
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Diciembre 7, 2010
"About 59,000"

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The recalled product is a Rachael Ray™ brand two quart teakettle. The teakettle has a stainless steel lid with a black handle and comes in four body colors: orange, blue, green and yellow. The teakettle's spout is opened by pushing forward a small black sliding piece on the teakettle's handle.


Consumers should immediately stop using this product. Known consumers were mailed instructions for obtaining a replacement. Consumers should contact the firm to arrange for a replacement teakettle.


The firm received eight complaints regarding the spilling of hot water from the teakettle's spout. Four of the complaints included reports of burn injuries.

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The teakettles were sold at a variety of department, housewares and gourmet kitchen stores and at discount and online retailers. The teakettles were sold from December 2008 through October 2010 for between $18 and $40.

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Meyer Corporation, U.S., of Vallejo, Calif.
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