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November 17, 2011


Release # 00-083

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Advance Thermo Control (ATC), of Hong Kong, is voluntarily recalling 152,000 baby wipe warmers distributed by Prince Lionheart Inc., of Santa Maria, Calif. A wipe warmer is an electric appliance that warms baby wipes. Cracks in the interior tub of these wipe warmers can allow water to contact the electrical components. This can result in consumers receiving an electric shock.

Prince Lionheart has received four reports of electric shocks when consumers touched the wipes in the warmers with cracked tubs.

This recall involves Prince Lionheart Baby Wipe Warmers with style number 0224 and date codes between 9803 and 9901 with cracked tubs. The style number and date code are written on the bottom of the units. The wipe warmers are white plastic boxes that are 9 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4.75 inches high. "PRINCE LIONHEART" is written on the lid of the warmers. A orange light is located on the front of the warmers to indicate when it is on. "Santa Maria, CA USA" and "MADE IN CHINA" are written on the bottom of the units.

Toy, department and baby specialty stores, including Toys "R" Us and Burlington Coat Factory, and mail order catalogs, sold these wipe warmers nationwide from February 1998 through December 1999 for about $25.

Consumers should immediately unplug the warmers, remove the wipes, and check to see if the interior tub is cracked. If so, stop using the warmer immediately, and call ATC for information on receiving a free replacement unit. If the tub of the wipe warmer is not cracked, the unit is not part of the recall, and consumers can continue to use the appliance. For more information, email ATC at

Picture of recalled baby wipe warmer