August 25, 1988  
Release # 88-070

WASHINGTON, D. C. - Tandy Corporation of Ft. Worth, Texas in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced it is voluntarily recalling its outlet adapter sets sold since November, 1987. Outlet adapters are used with voltage converters by consumers to operate electrical appliances while traveling abroad. The housing on some adapters could separate from the base when the user tries to remove the adapter from the outlet, exposing the consumer to an electrocution or shock hazard from the live contacts.

The product was sold under the "Archer" brand for $7.95 in Radio Shack stores nationwide. The four adapter kit matches the voltage converter with the foreign outlet so portable hairdryers, irons, shavers and other convenience products may be used.

Owners of the kits are urged to immediately return the kits to the nearest Radio Shack store for a refund.
Recalled Radio Shack Outlet Adapters