December 19, 1986  
Release # 86-079


WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Roadmaster Corporation of Olney, Illinois today announces a voluntary replacement program involving several thousand plastic "mag" wheels on boys and girls models 9693-KM & 7973-KM 12" sidewalk bicycles. The hazard involves a wheel breakage problem which may occur when the tire is inflated significantly beyond the recommended inflation pressure.

Roadmaster and the Commission have been informed of two incidents where minor injuries occurred when plastic "mag" wheels broke during tire inflation. Since many air pumps are not metered, bicycle tires are frequently over inflated. Over inflation of the tires may cause these plastic wheels to fragment and pieces to be propelled striking the user and bystanders.

This announcement is being issued in conjunction with Roadmaster's replacement program undertaken during the past six months.

Roadmaster is replacing, free of charge, all affected sidewalk bicycle wheels. Only models 9693-KM & 7973-KM sidewalk bicycles are involved in this free replacement. Both of the affected models were sold nationwide by K mart retail stores.

Roadmaster's engineering analysis indicates that the problem wheels may break when over inflated. Roadmaster stopped shipment of the subject models immediately upon learning of the potential failure. Customers having one of these sidewalk bicycles should contact the Roadmaster Parts and Service Department at 800-626-2811. Replacement steel-spoked wheels will be provided in exchange for the returned plastic "mag" wheels.