April 15, 1987  
Release # 87-024

WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Perego Products, Inc., of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, today announced a voluntary repair program involving its "Walkie" baby walker. The Walkie models involved were produced between March 1985 and June 1986.

The Walkie walkers contain a plastic height adjustment mechanism for the seat which allows it to be raised and lowered. In at least five instances, the plastic height adjustment mechanism has fractured, collapsing the walker and allowing the infant in the walker to fall to the ground. The Commission is aware of one minor-injury to an infant using the-walker. Perego Products has corrected the problem and the Walkie models currently being distributed are not affected.

The Commission believes that in excess of 40,000 walkers may be affected. The walkers sold for approximately $30.00 in retail stores nationwide and can be identified by the type of plastic height adjustment mechanism used. (See drawing). In addition) on units subject to repair, the number 997 appears on the inside plastic handle of the height adjustment mechanism.

Perego Products will provide free to owners a repair kit which will prevent the collapse of the seat. Owners of affected models can obtain the free repair kit by calling toll-free l-800-553-5000, or sending their name, address and telephone number to Perego Products, Inc., 2801 Lofty Drive, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46808..

Until owners receive and install the repair kit, the walker should not be used.

Perego Baby Walker