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CPSC Announces Bed Guard Rail Recall

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Recall Date:
January 04, 1977

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January 4, 1977


Release # 77-002

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 4) -- The Pride-Trimble Corp. of Southern Pines, N.C., and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced the recall of certain bed guard rails which may have been coated with paint containing lead exceeding permissible limits.

The product is designed to prevent children from rolling off a bed. Items intended for use by children and containing paint with more than 0.5 per cent lead content are-banned. Tests showed that the guard rails contained about 0.61 per cent lead, therefore, are banned hazardous substances under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA).

The rails were manufactured between January 1, 1974, and May 1, 1976. The product has three horizontal rails of tubular steel which telescopes from 40 inches in length to 70 inches.

Two tubes are placed under the mattress between the mattress and its support and the other rails form a barrier to prevent a child from rolling off the top of the mattress.

The product does not show identification but the items were sold in cartons marked Model 112 Bed Rails and further labeled "Dept. 66-112-6222 quantity 1 (one) tubular steel bed guard rail adjust 40" to 70". About 45,305 of the items have been sold mostly in the states east of the Mississippi and in Puerto Rico, and also Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

The lead level was discovered when the State of Connecticut analyzed paint removed from one of the units.

Under the terms of the FHSA and regulations issued under it banned hazardous substances must be repurchased by the manufacturer, distributor, or dealer.

Consumers who may have purchased one of the Pride-Trimble Model 112 bed rail guards may obtain a replacement or refund by returning it to the place of purchase.

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