Release date: Febrero 7, 2006
Release number: 06-083

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CPSC Signs Statement of Intent with Israel's Government to Improve Safety of Consumer Products

CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton and Grisha Doitch, the Director of the Israel Administration of Standardization (IAS) in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, signed the agreement.

The agreement calls for an exchange of information on consumer product safety, cooperation to prevent injuries from hazardous consumer products, the development of training programs dealing with consumer product safety, and an exchange of officials, experts and professionals to carry out consumer safety programs.

"Israel is an important trading partner," said Stratton. "This agreement will help the U.S. and Israel take meaningful steps toward improving the safety of consumer products traded between both countries so we can identify dangerous products faster, save lives and prevent injuries."

"This collaborative agreement underscores our commitment to improving the safety of consumer products," said Grisha Doitch, Director of the IAS. "It is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States that will protect consumers."

CPSC also has signed agreements with Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, the European Commission, India, Mexico and Taiwan to improve the safety of consumer products.

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