Chairman Tenenbaum Delivers ICPHSO Keynote Address

February 28, 2013
CPSC Chairman, Inez Tenenbaum delivers the keynote address at the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization annual meeting in Arlington, Virginia on February 28, 2013.
CPSC: Multifaceted Approach to Achieving the Mission

February 28, 2013
Kenneth Hinson, CPSC Executive Director, gives an overview of CPSC operations at the 2013 International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) annual meeting.
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act: Compliance Guide

February 06, 2013
Learn the five forms of entrapment and learn to recognize where entrapment hazards exist and what to do about them.
Recall Roundup: Feb. 4, 2013

February 04, 2013
In this month's Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Round-Up: Hy Cite stainless steel pots and pans, Fisher-Price Rock N' Play infant sleepers, Target children's two-piece cotton and fleece pajama sets.
Chairman's Commendation Circle Award 2012

January 30, 2013
The Chairman’s Commendation Circle Award recognizes people and groups who have contributed in an important way to the benefit of consumers.
Commission Meeting: Third Party Conformity Assessment Bodies

January 30, 2013
CPSC staff discuss requirements pertaining to third party conformity assessment bodies.
APEC Toy Safety Initiative Dialogue

January 22, 2013
CPSC Chairman Inez M. Tenenbaum gives a keynote speech regarding the APEC toy safety initiative.
Aqua-Leisure Inflatable Baby Floats Recall Video News Release

January 22, 2013
The leg straps in the seat of the float can tear, causing children to unexpectedly fall into or under the water, posing a risk of drowning. About 4 million floats have been recalled. This video footage has been provided for use by media.
Peligros de las Pilas Tipo Botón

January 22, 2013
El aumento en el uso de las pilas tipo botón causa aumento en número de muertes y lesiones asociadas a estas. Aprenda como evitar incidentes.
Peligros de las Cortinas y Persianas

January 03, 2013
Aproximadamente, una vez al mes un niño muere por estrangulación con los cordones de las cortinas y persianas. En los últimos años, la CPSC ha retirado el mercado más de 50 millones de persianas y cortinas. Hoy Revise todas las cortinas y persianas en su hogar para así evitar una tragedia.