CPSC Public Workshop: CPSIA Product Testing


Thursday, December 10 - Friday, December 11, 2009
Bethesda, Maryland

This workshop will address issues relating to test programs, material changes to children’s products and third-party testing, component testing, and product labeling.


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Watch the Meeting:

Thursday Morning Session (Prepared Presentations)


Thursday Afternoon Breakout Sessions

  • Session 1A: Reasonable Test Programs and Third-party Testing
  • Session 1B: Verification of 3rd-party test results

Friday Morning Breakout Session

Friday Afternoon Session


Listen to the Meeting:

Thursday Breakout Session 1A (Sampling and Statistical Considerations)

Thursday Breakout Session 1A (Verification of 3rd Party Test Results)

Thursday Breakout Session 1B (Sampling and Statistical Considerations)

Thursday Breakout Session 1B (Reasonable Test Programs, Third-party Testing)

Friday Breakout Session 2A (Challeges for Small Manufacturers)

Friday Breakout Session 2A (Safeguarding Against Undue Influence)

Friday Breakout Session 2B
(Component Testing and Material Changes)

Friday Breakout Session 2B (Safeguarding Against Undue Influence)


View Prepared Presentations (all PDF):

   CPSC Staff Presentations

Section 102 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008


Examples and Testing Requirements


Reasonable Testing Program & Third-party Testing


Some Highlights of Random Samples


Statistical Aspects of a Reasonable Test Plan


Cost of Third-Party Testing