Toy Premium Conference Proceedings

(All documents are in pdf format)

  • Introduction, Overview and Agenda, Including Age Grading Importance
  • Age Grading of Toys: [talk] and [slides]
  • Conducting an Effective Recall
  • Fast Track Product Recall Program
  • Video Tape of Toy Premium Conference Proceedings:

    Video taped copies of the Toy Premium Conference that was held on January 9, 2001 are now available for purchase. Interested parties should contact Dennis Scanlon at Ritz Audio-Visual Associates of Beltsville, MD at 301-419-3101. The cost of the two tapes is $14.00 plus shipping and handling. Rather than bill you, Ritz Audio-Visual Associates requires a credit card number upon ordering the tapes. CPSC is not involved with the order of these tapes or providing copies of the video tape. Arrangements for this purchase should be made directly with the vendor listed above.