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eFiling – CPSC’s Modern Approach for Filing Certificate Data

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About eFiling

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What is eFiling?

eFiling is a CPSC initiative to enable importers of regulated consumer products to file electronically (eFile) with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) certain data elements from a certificate of compliance, via a Partner Government Agency (PGA) Message Set.

What does eFiling mean for Brokers and Importers?

  • Store product data electronically in a secure CPSC registry.
  • Multiple options for electronically filing a PGA Message Set before a shipment arrives.
  • Real-time data capture and streamlined processes allows the Trade Industry to more easily comply with U.S. Laws and Regulations.

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How does Trade Industry benefit from eFiling?

Automation reduces the need for paper forms 

  • Digitizing the filing process may lead to reduced cost

Reductions in Risk Score

  • Organizations will see reductions in risk scores over time based on the amount of data provided which may result in reduced hold times, fewer exams, and reduced costs to the importer

Greater Focus on Higher Risk Products 

  • CPSC will be able to focus on higher risk shipments resulting in fewer holds to check for certificates, and may result in reduced costs to the importer
  • Holds will be performed for substantial violations as certificate data will be provided ahead of time

How does eFiling Work?

Load Certificate Data to Product Registry

  • Certificates data can be loaded to the Product Registry using an API
  • Existing certificates can be updated to accommodate new labs or test dates

Receive Unique Product ID

  • The Product Registry assigns a unique Product ID for each valid certificate
  • Product ID allows brokers to enter a short Reference Message Set

File PGA Message Set

  • PGA Message Set is filed at entry using the unique product ID



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eFiling Beta Pilot Implementation Guide

The CATAIR provides CPSC-specific guidance regarding business requirements for data submission to assist in developing PGA Message Set integration.

Document list

eFiling Beta Pilot HTS Codes

This document lists CPSC HTS Codes and associated disclaim allowance and CPC requirement for the Beta Pilot.

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eFiling Participant Standard Operating Procedure

This document provides detailed instructions for creating and managing a Business Account in the Product Registry to store and reference certificate data when eFiling.

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eFiling Beta Pilot Citation and Exemption Code List

List of citation and exemption codes related to product safety rules tested by labs.

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eFiling Beta Pilot Citation and Exemption Code Guidance

This document provides general guidance on product safety rules tested by labs.

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eFiling and the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network

Learn more about CPSC’s plans to leverage GDSN for certificate compliance and incorporate GTIN in eFiling.

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