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RCA – IKEA North America – Proposed Expanded Corrective Action Plan RP140365, MALM and Other Models of IKEA Chests and Dressers

June 24, 2016


Record of Commission Action


IKEA North America, Proposed Expanded Corrective Action Plan RP140365,MALM and Other Models of IKEA Chests and Dressers(Briefing package dated June 22, 2016, OS No. 3984)


The Commission voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the proposed corrective action plan ("CAP")between the Office of Compliance and IKEA North America ("IKEA''). The proposed CAP incooperation with IKEA expands the July 22, 2015 repair program agreed to by IKEA in which IKEAoffered consumers a free wall anchoring repair kit. In the expanded CAP, IKEA agrees to provideconsumers with two recall options: a refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit. A defect is alleged tobe associated with IKEA's MALM and other models of chest and dressers of specified heights that donot comply with the performance requirements of ASTM F2057-14 ("Subject Products"). TheSubject Products are unstable if not properly anchored to the wall, posing a serious tip-over andentrapment hazard that can resu lt in death or injuries to chi ldren.


Signature of Todd A. Stevenson, Secretary

Commissioners Voting

*Ballot vote due June 24, 2016

  • Chairman Elliot F. Kaye
  • Commissioner Robert S. Adler
  • Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle
  • Commissioner Joseph P. Mohorovic
  • Commissioner Marietta S. Robinson
Records of Commission Action and Commission Meeting Minutes
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