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This website supports the application of third party independent laboratories, third party firewalled laboratories, and third party governmental laboratories who wish to be registered with the CPSC as an accredited laboratory to test children's products for conformity with the Commission's children's product safety rules.

These laboratories must be accredited by an International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA) signatory accreditation body and the accreditation must be registered with, and accepted by, the Commission. All applicants must provide a copy of the laboratory accreditation certificate and relevant scope documents. These documents must be submitted electronically and in the English language. The electronic filenames must have only English letters and numbers because the CPSC system is not able to open files with names that contain non-English characters. The scope document for the laboratory seeking acceptance of its accreditation must include an explicit reference to each children's product safety rule and/or test method (as shown on the CPSC registration form) for which it is applying.

If this is the first time your lab has applied for accreditation, click on First Time User.

If you are returning user, enter the 4-digit Lab ID or 6-digit Reference ID and click on Request Password. A password will be mailed to your representative and applicant's email addresses. When you receive the password, enter the 4-digit Lab ID or 6-digit Reference ID and the Password and click on Login. If you are unable to log on, or if you have questions regarding the application process, please send a message to labaccred@cpsc.gov

A listing of ILAC-MRA signatory accrediting bodies is available on the Internet at http://ilac.org/members-by-category/

For additional information on third party lab accreditation, including requirements for Firewalled and Governmental Laboratories, refer to Federal Register notices and other links at our Laboratory Accreditation web page

The complete rule for CPSC acceptance of testing laboratories is at 16 CFR Part 1112. The rule is linked at www.ecfr.gov. Browse Title 16 - Commercial Practices. Go to Part 1112, "REQUIREMENTS PERTAINING TO THIRD PARTY CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BODIES"

Once a laboratory is accepted for a specific scope, information is posted on the CPSC Website Public Listing of CPSC-Accepted Laboratories

Firewalled Laboratory:

Registration as a firewalled conformity assessment body (firewalled testing laboratory) is required if there is an ownership or controlling interest in the laboratory of 10% or more by a manufacturer or private labeler of children's products subject to the safety requirements for which you are applying, and/or the laboratory is otherwise controlled by the manufacturer or private labeler. These ownership or controlling interests must be included in the application. In addition, the applicants must submit copies of the firm's established materials used for training its employees on the process and means by which allegations of any attempt by the manufacturer, private labeler or other interested party to hide or exert undue influence over test results can be immediately and confidentially reported to the Commission.

Governmental Laboratory:

Ownership or control, in whole or in part, of a conformity assessment body (testing laboratory) by a governmental entity requires registration as a governmental conformity assessment body. If the conformity assessment body is owned or controlled in part or in whole by a government, the governmental entity(s) must be named. This includes indirect ownership or control through governmental ownership of interests in any partners of this conformity assessment body.

The phrase "governmental entity" refers to any governmental entity in your country or administrative area, whether national, provincial, territorial, local, etc., and includes state-owned entities even if those entities do not carry out governmental functions.


CPSC Form 223
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