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We understand that small business owners sometimes need extra help figuring out which CPSC safety requirements apply to their products. While there is no "one size fits all" checklist of safety requirements, we have highlighted valuable resources below that can help both new and experienced small businesses learn more about CPSC’s safety requirements.

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Regulatory Robot

Are you a small business with a new product? Start with our Regulatory Robot, designed to guide you through CPSC’s product safety requirements.

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Small Business Education Videos

The Small Business Ombudsman has created several step-by-step videos to help walk you through certain CPSC safety requirements and product areas.

Business Education and Guidance Graphic

Business Education and Guidance

Making a toy? Importing clothing? Want to learn more about CPSIA requirements? Check out the Business Education page to find in depth information about different product areas and read more about common CPSC safety requirements.

Small Batch Manufacturer Registry

Small Batch Manufacturer Registry

Qualifying small batch manufacturers may be able to reduce their testing costs for certain products and materials if they have evidence that the product complies with the applicable CPSC safety requirement(s) and have registered with the CPSC.

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About the Small Business Ombudsman

The Small Business Ombudsman’s principal mission is to guide small businesses through CPSC’s complex regulatory landscape, to help them bring their products into compliance, and to resolve procedural issues with the agency.

Small Batch Manufacturers Testing Requirements

Small batch manufacturers can register with CPSC to obtain relief from certain third party testing requirements for children’s products.

View Small Batch Manufacturer Registry FAQs

Apply to Become a Registered Small Batch Manufacturer

Report an unsafe product