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Community Outreach Resource Center

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Start a Safety Program in Your Community.

In some communities, deaths and injuries from consumer products occur more often than others. This page and materials are intended to help raise awareness and prevent these incidents. Low income, minority, limited-English speaking, rural and other under-served communities need to know the hazards that are hurting and killing their children more than the children of other communities. With your help, we can make every community safer.

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The Hazards

Help us prevent deaths and injuries by spreading safety messages related to Safe Sleep Environments for Baby,& Drowning Prevention, TV & Furniture Tip-Over Prevention, and Poison Prevention.

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The Action Plan

Every community is different, so we suggest different ways to get out the message. Your simple action could save a life in the community today.

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The Resources

Videos, brochures, posters and more have been prepared to deliver safety messages to the community. All free. Tell us what you need.

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Partner With Us!

Awareness and prevention is vital to creating a safer environment for all communities. CPSC’s Community Outreach Resource (COR) Team promotes safety through grassroots efforts.  Watch this video to see how you can help get the word out. Share with us the product safety hazards that are affecting your community.

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NSN Toolkits

The Neighborhood Safety Network Toolkit provides an effective way to organize, coordinate and deliver product safety services to families in your community.

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Military Consumer Safety

On average, military families move every two or three years, much more often than civilian families. While the military is known for efficient and organized moves, it can be challenging to ensure that each new home environment is safe. 

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