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Consumer Opinion Surveys

Provide us with valuable feedback!

CPSC is looking for people 18 years of age and older who are willing to provide us with their opinions, perceptions, and experiences with various consumer products through a Consumer Opinion Forum. There is no cost to join the CPSC Consumer Opinion Forum, and by joining, you will have the opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback on important product safety issues. Topics covered in the Consumer Opinion Forum might include, but are not limited to, how you use a particular type of product, what a particular warning means to you, or how a recall notice could be written more clearly.

To participate:

  • Register with the Forum

    While we do collect your email address and certain demographic information, we do not collect your name, address, or telephone number. After you register, you will occasionally receive email invitations to participate in brief surveys. You will not receive invitations more often than once every four weeks, and you will have at least two weeks from the date a survey is posted to respond.

    Once registered, sign in to update your registration information.

  • Receive an Invitation to Participate in Survey

    If you received an invitation, participate in a survey.

  • Participation in the Consumer Opinion Forum

    Participation in the Consumer Opinion Forum is entirely voluntary. If you register to participate in the Consumer Opinion Forum, your email address and personal password will allow future access to the Forum. Your email address will also be used to notify you about new questions that have been posted to the Forum or about other information relevant to the Forum. Neither your email address nor your personal password will be disclosed or distributed outside the agency.

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