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Cigarette Lighters - Adjusted Customs Value for Cigarette Lighters

Final rule: Aug. 26, 2013


The Commission has a safety standard requiring that disposable and novelty lighters meet specified requirements for child resistance. The standard defines “disposable lighters,” in part, as refillable lighters that use butane or similar fuels and have a Customs Value or ex-factory price below a threshold value (initially set at $2.00 in 1993). The standard provides that the initial $2.00 value adjusts every 5 years for inflation, as measured by the percentage change since June 1993, in the monthly Producer Price Index (PPI) for Miscellaneous Fabricated Products. The adjustment is rounded to the nearest $0.25 increment. The price adjusted in November 2003, when changes in the PPI from June 1993 to June 2003 indicated a revised Customs Value or ex-factory price of $2.25. Due to an increase in the PPI, the Customs Value or ex-factory price has recently adjusted to $2.50. This rule revises the cigarette lighter standard to state that the import value has adjusted to $2.50 based on the change to the PPI.

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