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Bassinets and Cradles

Final Rule: Oct. 23, 2013
Effective Date (For most of the rule): April 23, 2014

Effective Date for removable bassinet bed attachments: April 23, 2015


The new federal standard incorporates by reference the voluntary standard (ASTM F2194-13), Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles, with five modifications.  The modifications include:

  1. a clarification of the scope of the bassinet/cradle standard;
  2. a change to the pass/fail criterion for the mattress flatness test;
  3. an exemption from the mattress flatness requirement for bassinets that are less than 15 inches across; 
  4. the addition of a removable bassinet bed stability requirement; and 
  5. a change to the stability test procedure, requiring the use of a newborn CAMI dummy rather than an infant CAMI dummy.

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