Name of product:
Aluminum deck railing posts

The posts can separate from base, posing a fall hazard.

Recall date:
October 18, 2018
About 4,300 posts (in addition, about 23,500 were sold in Canada)
Consumer Contact:

Vista Railing Systems at 800-667-8247 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT, online at or and click on “Notices” for more information.

Recall Details

In Conjunction With:

This recall involves ProBuilt Aluminum Posts used in residential aluminum railing systems on exterior porches, decks, and stairways. The posts connect the horizontal rails in the system and are designed to be anchored to the floor of the deck or porch. Posts have a ‘PB’, surrounded by a square, stamped on the top of the post base plate. The item number is printed on the packaging.


Product Name      

Item Number (one for each color)

42” End Post

PB7468WT0Y, PB7468BK0Y, PB7468XB0Y, PB7468YB0Y, PB7468SW0Y

42” 90 Deg Corner Post

PB7469WT0Y, PB7469BK0Y, PB7469XB0Y, PB7469YB0Y, PB7469SW0Y

42” 45 Deg Corner Post

PB7494WT0Y, PB7494BK0Y, PB7494XB0Y, PB7494YB0Y, PB7494SW0Y

42” Mid Post

PB7470WT0Y, PB7470BK0Y, PB7470XB0Y, PB7470YB0Y, PB7470SW0Y

42” 2.5” Blank Post

PB7759WT0Y, PB7759BK0Y, PB7759XB0Y, PB7759YB0Y, PB7759SW0Y

36” End Post

PB6804WT0Y, PB6804BK0Y, PB6804XB0Y, PB6804YB0Y, PB6804SW0Y

36” 90 Deg Corner Post

PB6805WT0Y, PB6805BK0Y, PB6805XB0Y, PB6805YB0Y, PB6805SW0Y

36” 45 Deg Corner Post

PB6809WT0Y, PB6809BK0Y, PB6809XB0Y, PB6809YB0Y, PB6809SW0Y

36” Mid Post

PB6806WT0Y, PB6806BK0Y, PB6806XB0Y, PB6806YB0Y, PB6806SW0Y

36” 2.5” Blank Post

PB7758WT0Y, PB7758BK0Y, PB7758XB0Y, PB7758YB0Y, PB7758SW0Y

42” Top Stair Post

PB7733WT0Y, PB7733BK0Y, PB7733XB0Y, PB7733YB0Y, PB7733SW0Y

Bottom Stair Post

PB7735WT0Y, PB7735BK0Y, PB7735XB0Y, PB7735YB0Y, PB7735SW0Y

36” Top Stair Post

PB7737WT0Y, PB7737BK0Y, PB7737XB0Y, PB7737YB0Y, PB7737SW0Y


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products and contact Vista Railing Systems for free replacement screws or a set of gussets to repair the posts.


None reported

Sold At:

Wholesale building materials distributors and lumberyards in Ark., Ga., Ill., Mich., Minn., Mont., Ohio, S.D., Texas, Wash., and Wis. from January 2017 through June 2018 for about $35. 


Gold Well International Co. Ltd., of Binh Duong Province, Vietnam


Vista Railing Systems Inc., of Canada

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