Name of product:
SBGA-34 Audible Fire Alarm Base
The fire alarm base can fail to sound an alarm, posing a risk of personal injury and property damage.
Recall date:
September 18, 2014
About 9,000
Consumer Contact:

Siemens at (800) 516-9964 from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or online at and click on "Product Safety Recall" for more information.

Recall Details


This recall involves the SBGA-34 audible base that is affixed to ceiling-mounted smoke detectors in order to sound an alarm when the fire alarm system is activated. The audible base has part number S54370-F13 and date codes 0113 through 2314 in a WWYY format printed on a white label on the back of the unit part affixed to the wall. "MODEL SBGA-34" is printed on a blue label also affixed to the back of the device. The base is off-white and measures about 6 inches in diameter. The audible base is used with the following fire detectors:

-         Cerberus PRO models (HI921, OOHC941, OOH941, OH921, OP921)

-         Desigo Fire Safety models (FDOOTC441, FDOOT441, FDO421, FDOT421, FDT421)

-         H-Series (HFP-11, HFPT-11, HFPO-11)

-         Faraday 87XX-Series, models (8713, 8712, 8710)


The audible base and fire detectors are used with the following alarm systems:


-         Siemens model FireFinder® XLS via DLC 6312 Device Loop Card

-         Siemens model FS -250

-         Desigo model FC2005, (50-point panel)

-         Desigo model FC2025, (252-point system)

-         Desigo model FC2050, (504-point system)

-         Cerberus PRO FC901, (50-point panel

-         Cerberus PRO FC922, (252-point system)

-         Cerberus PRO FC924, (504-point system)

-         Faraday models MPC-600 & MPC-7000


Consumers should immediately contact Siemens to schedule a free inspection and replacement of the recalled audible base.


None reported.

Sold At:

Siemens sales offices, authorized distributors and installers nationwide from February 2013 through June 2014 for about $120.


Siemens, of Buffalo, Ill.

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