"The frame mounting bolts and wheel axle bolts can be loose on new skates. Loose wheels or frames on the skates can cause the rider to fall, posing a risk of injury."
New Instructions
Recall date:
November 9, 2010
"About 29,000 pairs"

Recall Details


This recall involves the following models of inline skates purchased since September 2009.

- Spark Pro, Men's (SKU# 00792200816), Black

- Spark Pro, Women's (SKU# 007923007E2), Anthracite (Grey)

- Spark 80, Men's (SKU# 00702800956), Black

- Spark 80, Women's (SKU# 007029009A6), Anthracite (Grey)

- Spitfire, Boy's (SKU# 00705500741), Black

- Spitfire, Girl's (SKU# 007056007Y8), Silver

- Spitfire S, Boy's (SKU# 00705700956), Black

- Spitfire S, Girl's (SKU# 007058009A7), Anthracite (Grey)

- Spitfire LX, (SKU# 00705000955), Silver


Consumers should immediately inspect all wheel-axle and frame-mounting bolts to ensure that they are properly tightened. Rollerblade USA recommends regular inspection and tightening of bolts. After wheel-axle and frame mounting bolts are inspected and tightened if needed, products are acceptable for sale & use. Video instructions on bolt tightening and maintenance are available atwww.rollerblade.com


Rollerblade USA has received 31 reports of loose bolts, including one report of a fall resulting in minor injuries that required medical attention.

Sold At:

Sporting goods stores nationwide and on the Internet from September 2009 through July 2010 for between $80 and $160.


Rollerblade USA, of West Lebanon, N.H.

Manufactured In:
"Thailand, Vietnam, and China"
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