"A bolt in the right-hand steering lever can catch on the tab of the foot lift stop and lock in place, causing the steering lever to remain in the forward travel position, posing an injury hazard to the driver."
Recall date:
October 27, 2010
Recall number:

Recall Details


Z445 mowers with 54 inch high capacity deck and Z445 or Z465 Zero-Turn Mower with Premium Foot Lift features. The recalled mowers have the model number at the front of the foot platform and on the serial number tag under the seat. The recall includes the following models and serial numbers of units:


Z445 Zero-Turn Mower with 54 High Capacity Deck
M0Z445R060001 through M0Z445R062255
M0Z445R084127 through M0Z445R084153
M0Z445R080001 through M0Z445R083720
M0Z445R084155 through M0Z445R084168
M0Z445R083722 through M0Z445R084029
M0Z445R084170 through M0Z445R084192
M0Z445R084031 through M0Z445R084125
M0Z445R084241 through M0Z445R084244

BM22809 Premium Foot Lift Kit - This kit may have been
installed on the units within the following serial number ranges: 
Z445 with 54C deck: M0Z445C060001 through M0Z445C067537
Z465 with 62C deck: M0Z465E080162 through M0Z465E080437
M0Z465T060001 through M0Z465T061470 
M0Z465T080001 through M0Z465T080161 
M0Z465T080438 through M0Z465T082486 

Customers should stop using the mowers immediately and contact a John Deere dealer to make arrangements to have the lift stop bracket removed from their machine. All John Deere tractor dealers were notified of this recall and registered owners of the recalled mowes will be directly contacted by the firm.


There were no injuries reported.

Sold At:

All John Deere dealers in the U.S. with the exception of California. The Z445 Zero-Turn Mower with 54 High Capacity Deck sold from January 2009 to September 2010 for approximately of $5,300; and the BM22809 Premium Foot Lift Kit sold from February 2009 to September 2010 for approximately $80.

Deere & Company, of Moline, Ill.
Manufactured In:
United States
About 6450 mowers with foot lift; 300 Premium Foot Lift Kits