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April 7, 2003


Release # 03-533


PRODUCT: Refrigerator - Maytag Corp. of Newton, Iowa, is recalling about 6,000 Kenmore Elite-brand TRIO model refrigerators for testing and replacement. The refrigerators have the side-by-side upper doors and a freezer drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator. The recalled refrigerator model numbers and serial numbers are listed below. Sears stores nationwide sold the recalled refrigerators from Dec. 8, 2002 through Jan. 10, 2003 for between $1,800 and $2,000.

PROBLEM: A screw located inside the refrigeration compartment on the left side of the refrigerator frame could pierce through the electrical wire harness insulation and pose an electrical shock hazard. All of these refrigerators will be tested by Sears service representatives. Defective refrigerators will be replaced at no cost to consumers.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES: No injuries have been reported. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injuries.

WHAT TO DO: Sears already has contacted, by telephone or mail, the consumers who may have received an affected model to set up a free in-home inspection.  Consumers who have questions about this refrigerator test and replace program can contact Transform for Kenmore brand products at (800) 659-7026 during the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.  Sears is offering a $100 gift card as an incentive to all customers who own one of the Kenmore Trio recalled refrigerators.  If you purchased a Kenmore Trio refrigerator at another time, you are not affected by this test and replace program.  The recalled Kenmore Elite Brand Trio models sold between December 8, 2002 through January 10, 2003 have the following model numbers and fall within the following serial numbers:

Model Numbers Serial Numbers
596.73502 Series 10171025A* to 10171682A*
  10226329A* to 10226570A*
  10226573A* to 10227109A*
  10308648A* to 10308658A*
  10388659A* to 10388832A*
596.73503 Series 10077884A* to 10079605A*
  10115383A* to 10115591A*
  10115768A* to 10115947A*
  10116148A* to 10116382A*
  10268643A* to 10269808A*
  10395629A* to 10306108A*
596.73504 Series 10171688A* to 10171935A*
596.73509 Series 10115233A* to 10115382A*
  10077719A* to 10077748A*
  10308948A* to 10308995A*
* Could be V or X


Picture of recalled refrigerator