Note: Recalling firm is no longer in business but a remedy is still available.



December 26, 2002


Release # 03-063

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Century Tool and Manufacturing Co. Inc., of Cherry Valley, Ill, is voluntarily recalling about 6,300 propane-powered camping stoves. The burner assembly in the stoves can restrict the flow of gas, which can cause a leak. The leaking gas can ignite and weaken the hose, causing it to separate from the stove and pose a fire hazard to consumers.

Century Tool and Manufacturing has received eight reports of hoses separating from the stove, causing one minor injury.

The recalled stoves include the Century, Hillary, and LL Bean brand names. The stoves have a drip tray, two or three burners, and a black or green base with a label identifying the brand name. The manufacturing date (050202 through 073102) and model number (4660, 4665, 4675, 4730, 4960, 72861, and 4960LLB) are printed on the inside of the stove's lid. The stoves were manufactured in the United States.

Sporting goods, camping supply and mass merchandise stores nationwide sold these stoves from May 2002 through September 2002 for up to $90.

The firm that announced the recall is no longer in business. Consumers should stop using the product immediately and contact the previous owner at to arrange for returning the product and receiving a refund.

Picture of Recalled Stove

Century 4660 - 2 Burner


Picture of Recalled Stove
Century 4665, 4675 - 2 Burner

Picture of Recalled Stove

Century 4730 - 3 Burner

Picture of Recalled Stove

Century 4960 - 2 Burner Matchless

Picture of Recalled Stove

Hillary 72861 - 2 Burner Matchless

Picture of Recalled Stove

4960 LL Bean - 2 Burner Matchless