March 13, 2002

Alert #02-524


PRODUCT: Boiler Control - Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) of Warwick, R.I. is recalling 190 SR-RN2 or SR-RN2R controls, which are installed in Atola-RN Boilers. The recalled units were manufactured between December 1998 and December 2001. This is the entire production of these controls. (The controls do not have a date code that can be seen by consumers.) The boilers were sold nationwide by wholesalers and distributors.

PROBLEM: The controls have an electronic relay that may fail in a manner that will allow the burner to operate and by-pass the interlock with the flue damper. The interlock assures proper operation of the damper for removal of combustion gases. If the interlock fails, excess carbon monoxide emissions may occur.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES:No injuries have been reported.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers who have one of these boilers should contact their local distributor or Ms. Ulli Hiltz, the Viessmann Manufacturing Company contact, at 888-843-2772 between 8:30am and 5:00 pm ET Monday through Friday. Viessmann Manufacturing Company will install a wiring module in suspect boilers which will put a redundant switch in series with the switch that may erroneously close and by-pass the safety interlock with flue damper.
Viessmann Manufacturing Company has contacted distributors and wholesalers and made arrangements for them to contact customers and make arrangements to retrofit the Atola-RN Boilers with SR-RN2 or SR-RN2R Controls.

Picture of Recalled Panel