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October 12, 2000


Release # 01-011


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), RockShox Inc., of Colorado Springs, Colo., voluntarily recalled about 220,000 front suspension bicycle forks worldwide. The compression rods inside these forks can break, causing the rider to lose control of the bicycle, fall, and possibly suffer serious injuries.

RockShox received 23 reports of compression rods in these forks breaking, and two reports of injuries. Injuries included a concussion, a sprained wrist, scrapes and bruises.

Only 2001 Judy TT, Judy TT Special, Jett and Metro model RockShox front suspension bicycle forks are included in this recall. They have serial numbers beginning with "01." The serial number can be found engraved on the back side of the fork's crown and on a bar code sticker attached to the fork's lower leg. "RockShox" and the model name are written on the bicycle forks. These forks were sold as original equipment on numerous brands and models of bicycles. These forks also were sold separately.

Bicycle dealers nationwide sold these forks with bicycles and separately from July 2000 through October 2000. Bicycles with these forks sold for between $399 and $1,300, and forks alone sold for between $89 and $149.

Consumers should stop riding bicycles with the recalled forks immediately, and return them to the bicycle dealer where purchased for inspection and repair if needed. A list of bicycle brands and models sold with these forks can be found here. For more information, call Sram Corporation (which purchased RockShox) at (800) 346-2928.
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