Note: Firm is out of business, and a remedy is no longer available. Please disable and discard the product.



April 7, 1999


Release # 99-090

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Co., of Chicago, Ill., recalled about 23,000 low-profile, oil-filled electric heaters. Over time, the electric heating element in the heater could come into contact with the metal frame. This poses an electrical shock and electrocution hazard to consumers.

Lakewood was not aware of any reports of electrical shock or injuries involving these heaters. Lakewood discovered this hazard from an examination of returned heaters and as a result of testing.

Consumers can identify these heaters by looking for model number "7400" metal stamped with the Underwriters Laboratories certification on the rear side of the heater. Consumers should unplug the heaters before examining them. These heaters are white, about 10 inches high and 36 inches long, and "Lakewood" is written above the power control.

Home supply stores, such as Service Merchandise, and catalogs sold these heaters from August 1998 through March 1999 for approximately $50.

Consumers should immediately stop using these recalled heaters, disable and discard them. The firm is out of business and a remedy is no longer available.

Picture of Recalled Heater