October 15, 1996


Release # 97-005

WASHINGTON, DC - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Candle-lite of Cincinnati, Ohio, is voluntarily recalling approximately 3,000,000 Clearfire candles sold primarily during the 1995 Christmas season. The candles could flare up during use, causing the candles' glass holders to overheat and break. Consumers could be burned or injured by broken glass.

Candle-lite is aware of 142 instances of candles flaring-up and glass breaking. Several consumers have been burned by hot gel or cut by broken glass.

The candles, which are made of a clear, gel-like substance, were available in five styles: red with an apple cider scent, green with a spruce forest scent, clear with a floral vanilla scent, blue with a mulberry scent, and yellow with a sunflower scent. Each candle was packaged in a textured, clear glass jar, shaped like a vase, measuring approximately three inches high.

A label on the bottom of the glass container has a UPC number beginning with "076001" and ending with one of the following numbers:

304737 Diamond Point Red/Apple Cider
304744 Diamond Point Green/Spruce Forest
304959 Reflections Red/Apple Cider
304966 Reflections Green/Spruce Forest
304997 American Whitehall Red/Apple Cider
305000 American Whitehall Green/Spruce Forest
305192 Roly Poly Red/Apple Cider
305208 Roly Poly Green/Spruce Forest
305222 Pineapple Red/Apple Cider
305239 Pineapple Green/Spruce Forest
306878 Pineapple Blue/Mulberry
306885 Pineapple Clear/Floral Vanilla
306892 Pineapple Yellow/Sunflower
307356 Pineapple Red/Apple Cider
307363 Pineapple Green/Spruce Forest
307554 Sherbert Red/Apple Cider
307561 Sherbert Green/Spruce Forest
307745 Pineapple Clear/Floral Vanilla
806712 Heart Red/Apple Cider
806729 Ponderosa Green/Spruce Forest
806750 Reflections Red/Apple Cider
806767 Reflections Green/Spruce Forest

Major discount chain stores sold these candles nationwide from October 1995 through April 1996 for approximately $4.00. Clearfire candles are now sold with a new formula and plastic covers over the top. The Clearfire candles currently in retail stores are not subject to this recall.

Consumers should stop using the recalled candles immediately, pull out the wick, and then dispose of the gel-like substance. Consumers should remove the UPC label from the bottom of the glass container. In order to receive a $6.00 refund, consumers should mail the wick and the UPC label, along with their name and complete address to: Candle-lite, Post Office Box 42486, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information about this recall, contact Candle-lite at (800) 866-6654.