December 17 1996


Release # 97-043


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Shelby Ltd., Division of Wang's International, of Memphis, Tenn., recalled about 40,000 paperweights and pens because they contain kerosene or other petroleum distillates and many were sold to children. If the paperweights or pens break and leak, the liquid can be hazardous if inhaled into the lungs or swallowed. The liquid could also be combustible, presenting a flammability hazard.

Shelby Ltd. has received at least 10 reports of the paperweights breaking and releasing their contents. No injuries have been reported.

The plastic paperweights came in the following five styles: Ocean In The Box, Floating Eye, Antique Car, Magic Diamond, and Water Timer. The paperweights were individually packaged in cardboard boxes bearing the name of the style. The pen, which is clear plastic with an eyeball in the middle, is packaged in a cellophane wrap and bears no labeling.

The paperweights and pen were sold nationwide through school stores to children from kindergarten through the sixth grade from October through December 1996 for about $4 to $5.

Consumers should take the paperweights and pens away from children immediately, and discard or destroy them. The firm is out of business and cannot be contacted.