April 24, 1997


Release # 97-110

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Cosco Inc. of Columbus, Ind., is providing a free repair kit for about 355,500 Quiet TimeTM infant swings. Screws connecting the metal hanger tubes and the U-shaped seat support can loosen and fall out, causing the seat support and seat to fall. Infants can be injured from the fall.

Cosco has received over 300 complaints concerning the screws, including 44 reports of injuries such as bumps and bruises on the head and one reported concussion.

To prevent the swing seat from falling, Cosco is offering a free repair kit, consisting of a new hanger and seat support with nut and bolt fasteners.

The Quiet TimeTM swing is a wind-up infant swing that will operate for about 30 minutes at a time. A stand with four legs of white metal tubing supports the swing. The plastic swing seat can be set in two positions and comes with either a vinyl or padded fabric seat cover. "Cosco Quiet Time " is printed on a label on top of the swing.

Quiet TimeTM swings subject to this recall are model numbers 08-975 and 08-977 made from February 1, 1993, (5th week of 1993) through September 30, 1995 (40th week of 1995). The model number and date code identifying the week and year that the swing was manufactured is located on a label on the underside of the swing's seat. The recalled swings have date codes from 0593 through 4095.

Infant Swing

Juvenile products and discount department stores sold the swings nationwide beginning in February 1993 for about $45 to $49.

Consumers should stop using the recalled swings immediately. Repair kit no longer available. New cash incentive is being offered. Do not use these products. Please discard or destroy these products. Consumers should call Cosco at (800) 221-6736 or write to the company at 2525 State St., Columbus, Ind. 47201.