February 15, 1996


Release # 97-058

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Binky-Griptight Inc., of Wallington, N.J., is voluntarily recalling approximately 13,000 Binky Newborn Orthodontic Pacifiers that the firm reports do not comply with CPSC safety standards. If the pacifiers crack in the knob well, the nipple can detach from the shield presenting a choking hazard to children.

While CPSC and Binky-Griptight are aware of about six complaints of these pacifiers separating, no injuries have been reported.

The newborn orthodontic pacifiers involved in this recall have red, mint green, blue, and white "butterfly-shaped" mouth shields with two ventilation holes on each side in the shapes of crescent moons and stars. Some white butterfly-shaped mouth shields may have crescent moons, stars, and heart shapes stenciled on the front. The pacifiers have knob wells measuring 1/4 inch high, with a knob that will not move when twisted.

Binky-Griptight Pacifier

The pacifiers involved in this recall are packaged individually or in sets of two in a plastic shell with a cardboard backer card. The pacifiers are identified as item numbers 2115, 3085, 3086, and 3087. The item numbers are located at the upper right corner on the front of each package. A label that reads in part "Made *** in Malaysia *** Griptight Malaysia Ltd" is printed on the back of each package.

Binky Newborn Orthodontic Pacifiers that are not involved in this recall have knob wells measuring 3/8 inch high, with a knob that will move when twisted. A label on the back of each package reads in part "Made *** in England."

Target Stores and other retail stores sold the pacifiers nationwide between August 1994 and August 1995. University Hospitals of Oklahoma City, Okla., sold the pacifiers between May 1995 and August 1995. Pacifiers sold for about $1.

Consumers should stop using the recalled pacifiers immediately, and return them to the store where purchased for a free replacement or mail them to Binky-Griptight, Inc., P.O. Box 3307, Wallington, N.J. 07057-3307 for a free replacement and postage reimbursement. For more information, consumers may also call Binky-Griptight at (800) 526-6320.