June 23, 1995


Release # 95-137

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. is urging approximately 7,500 owners of Black & Decker 1710 Type 1, 10-inch Miter Saws to inspect the electrical cords for nicks, cuts, or punctures. The electrical cords may have come in contact with the mounted saw blade during shipment, which could result in a possible shock hazard from a damaged cord.

Consumers should examine the saw's entire 6-foot electrical cord for any nicks, cuts, or punctures. If even a small nick in the cord is found, stop using the miter saw immediately and return it to the Black & Decker retailer from which it was purchased for a free replacement saw. Consumers can also take the miter saw to a Black & Decker Service Center to have the electrical cord replaced free of charge.

Black & Decker has received no reports of personal injury or property damage. The company is initiating this inspection program to prevent the possibility of injury.

This inspection program affects the 1710 Type 1, 10-inch saws with date codes between 9501-9516, located on the underside of the saw's handle. These saws were sold nationwide from February to mid-April 1995 through large and small retailers, discount outlets, and hardware stores. No other Black & Decker product is involved in this program.

For help in identifying saws, and for questions about the saws or this inspection program, call Black & Decker at (800) 762-6672.