September 30, 1994


Release # 94-131

Washington, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), KRUPS North America Inc. of Closter, N.J., is recalling the strainer baskets and lids on about 150,000 model number 290 "VitaMini" vegetable/fruit juice extractors. The strainer baskets on these juice extractors can break while in use, possibly injuring people nearby.

To date, KRUPS has received 14 reports from across the country of shattering or ejecting lids resulting in at least six lacerations.

The juice extractors were sold nationwide for about $40 to $75 each in department and specialty stores from June 1990 to May 1994.

As of June 1, 1994, KRUPS began shipping modified "VitaMini" juice extractors to retailers. The modified juice extractors, which are re-designed to prevent the lid from shattering or ejecting, can be identified by the box labeled "NEW! IMPROVED STRAINER AND LID." Strainer baskets on the new units have the letters "ABS" and numerals embossed in the plastic of the basket. Washing the basket in extremely hot water, in a dishwasher, or with harsh detergent can result in the basket being so weakened that it can come apart during use.

Consumers who purchased model number 290 "VitaMini" juice extractors before June 1, 1994, should immediately stop using the juice extractor, discard the strainer basket and lid, and call KRUPS consumer service at 1-800-526-5377 for free delivery of a modified strainer basket and lid.