August 4, 1994


Release # 94-113

Washington, DC - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Atomic Ski USA, Inc., Amherst, N.H., is recalling about 18,000 Oxygen Krypton (KR) model inline skates. The rear wheel of the inline skate may come off during use, causing the skater to fall.

A few customers have reported a loosening of the rear axles on various Oxygen Krypton (KR) models. The company has no reports of injury to date.

The models involved in this recall include KR01, KR03, KR03L, KR05, and KR05L. The recalled skates were sold from January through April 1994 in retail stores nationwide.

To prevent the wheels from coming off, Atomic Ski USA is offering to replace all eight wheel axles on the inline skates at no cost. DO NOT USE THE RECALLED SKATES UNTIL THEY ARE FIXED.

Owners of these inline skates can either return the skates to the retailer where they were purchased or mail the inline skates back (postage paid) to Atomic Ski USA. The in-store repair, which will take about 10 minutes, will be performed free-of-charge.

To return the inline skates to Atomic Ski USA, call the company's customer service department at (800) 258-5020. Operators will provide information on how to mail the skates back. Atomic will repair the axles without charge and return the inline skates with reimbursement for postage.