October 15, 1991


Release # 92-005

WASHINGTON, DC--In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Mr. Coffee, inc., of Bedford Heights, OH, voluntarily recalled the original version of its non-electric model QB1 Microwave Coffeemaker. This original microwave coffeemaker uses a cone-shaped filter. Under certain circumstances, the cone shaped brewer section may separate from the cup and possibly spill very hot coffee onto the user.

The CPSC was informed of this potential hazard by Mr. Coffee, inc. as a result of three consumer complaints and the company's own concerns about the potential for such separation. This separation may occur because of the extended height of the top brewer and its high center of gravity. There have been no additional reported incidents.

Mr. Coffee's original cone filter style microwave coffeemaker was distributed by Mr. Coffee from May 1990 through early June 1991. Approximately 338,850 units were sold for approximately $10 to $13 each. It was replaced in June 1991 by a new, shorter, basket filter style brewer which also avoids the earlier problem of separation and spills.

This recall does not affect the shorter non-electric basket filter style model QB1 Microwave Coffeemaker which uses a basket type filter or any electric coffeemaker sold by the company.

Consumers should immediately stop using this product. Consumers with questions may call Sunbeam Products, Inc. at (800) 672-6333 for assistance (Mr. Coffee is no longer in business at the above address, but Sunbeam Products, Inc. has now taken over in responding to questions about this recall).