June 8, 1990


Release # 90-109


WASHINGTON, D.C.-- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Taco Bell Corporation of Irvine, California, today announced a voluntary recall of 300,000 sports water bottles distributed by the firm in a recent promotion. The bottle's mouthpiece can be pulled apart and swallowed by children, presenting a potential choking hazard.

The water bottle promotion at some 2700 Taco Bell stores nationwide began June 4, 1990, and was available to Taco Bell customers for $0.99 with a food purchase. Taco Bell stopped the program June 7, 1990 when they received a report from a customer that his 21-month-old child had dismantled the bottle's mouthpiece and attempted to swallow it. The child was not injured. Taco Bell has decided it would be in their customers best interest to discontinue sale of this bottle.

The bottle, marketed for more than ten years by Specialized Bicycle Components, has three pieces: the main container, a cap and a small mouthpiece closure top. The top may be pulled apart and poses a potential choking hazard to children.

Since many types of water bottles are very popular and also widely available in stores today, care should be taken not to allow young children to have access to the caps.

Customers who purchased the bottles at Taco Bell should return them for a full refund. Additional information can be obtained by calling 1-800-334-6399.