June 12, 1990

(301) 504-7908

Release # 90-108


WASHINGTON, DC -- Protecto Enterprises of Barrington, IL is recalling 2,500 Zenith Data Systems Model ZVM122-T monochrome computer monitors because of electric shock hazards to consumers, and possible fire and electrical damage to computers on which they are installed. Two fires have been reported involving these monitors.

The model ZVM122-T computer monitors were developed for Federal use, and later prepared for consumer use by Protecto Enterprises. These units were sold primarily by mail order by Protecto and by Electrified Discounters of Hamden, CT in 1988-1989.

Consumers having a Zenith Data Systems ZVM122-T should immediately and carefully turn off the unit and unplug it, avoiding contact with any metal parts of the cabinet or plug. The model number can be found on the back of the unit, after the unit has first been carefully unplugged.

All known purchasers are being contacted by mail. Consumers owning an affected unit may contact "122-T Recall Central" at 1-800-752-6138 for instructions on returning the unit for refund or replacement.

Zenith ZVM122 monitors which do not have the "T" suffix are not affected. Also, no ZVM122-T monitors sold to Federal agencies by Zenith Data Systems are affected.