August 14, 1990


Release # 90-138



WASHINGTON, DC -- Bianchi, USA, Inc. of San Francisco, CA, is voluntarily recalling approximately 1,600 "Randonneur" bicycles which may have defective front forks. The fork could crack and break at the junction of the crown and blade resulting in a fall to the riders. The recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Randonneur bicycles were sold nationwide from January 1982 to June 1984. CPSC and Bianchi, USA have learned of three incidents where front forks broke and riders were thrown to the ground suffering broken bones.

Consumers with Randonneur bicycles are urged to contact their nearest Bianchi dealer or call Bianchi at (510) 264-1001 to learn if their bicycle is subject to the recall; new forks will be provided at no charge to the consumer. You can identify your model year by inspecting the fork crown to see if it has a "B" on it. Only Randonneur bicycles without a "B" are subject to this recall.