December 1, 1989


Release # 90-017


WASHINGTON, D.C.--Ming Ta Supply U.S.A., Santa Clarita, California is voluntarily recalling its 16-inch Mountain Jr. Bicycle, Model #1615, imported from Taiwan. The 16-inch sidewalk bicycle, which was sold by K mart stores throughout the country in March and April 1989, is not equipped with a chain guard to prevent a child's clothing from getting caught in the moving chain, the seat post is too long for a sidewalk bicycle, the handlebar stem is painted over making the minimum insertion marks unclear, and the bicycle is not provided with safety or operation instructions. These problems present a significant risk of injury to young children.

A total of 11,000 Mountain Jr. Bicycles were imported by Ming Ta Supply, U.S.A., and only 7,900 of them were distributed to K mart Corporation stores throughout the United States. K mart sold approximately 1,200 of these bicycles in March and April of 1989. Bicycles sold after June, 1989 have been reconditioned. Although no injuries have been reported to the importer, K mart, or to the Commission due to these defects, the recall is being undertaken as a precautionary measure.

Consumers who have these bicycles should bring them to any K mart retail store for reconditioning as a sidewalk bicycle. The store personnel will add a chain guard, replace the handlebar stem and seat post, and provide a set of safety and operating instructions without cost to the consumer. The 16-inch Mountain Jr. bicycles equipped with chain guards have been modified and are not subject to the recall.