July 3, 1989  
Release # 89-063

Whirlpool Will Retrofit Below-Counter Dishwashers

WASHINGTON -- If you live in Kentucky, Illinois or Indiana and have one of five Whirlpool below-the-counter dishwashers, the company wants to replace the appliance's pushbutton switch to correct a possible fire hazard.

According to Whirlpool, the undercounter dishwashers to be modified are models DU7400-O, DU7600XS-0, DU9000XR-0, and DU9000XR-1. The model and serial number may be found on a plate on the right front edge of the tub after the door is opened. The appliances were sold after February, 1986.

The company said it was issuing a second recall notice to homeowners in the tri-state area because of poor consumer response to its first recall notice in August, 1988. The pushbutton switch may short-circuit and could cause a fire; forty-five such fires have been reported to Whirlpool, nine of which spread outside the appliance.

Picture of Recalled Dishwasher

While the company has attempted to locate all affected dishwashers in the tri-state area, consumers who have not been contacted by Whirlpool should have their model and serial number available, then call the company toll-free at 1-800-541-5746 to arrange for free service. Until the switch is installed, owners should not'use the appliance. Temporarily, the power should be turned off or the dishwasher door left unlatched.