July 24, 1989  
Release # 89-071

Replacement Program For Baby Doll Pacifier

WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), JA-RU, INC., Jacksonville, Florida, has announced a replacement program for the baby doll pacifiers contained in its Model No. 1058 "NEW BABY". The doll's pacifier violates CPSC's small parts regulation. JA-RU, Inc. is offering to replace the pacifier with a free baby milk bottle designed to eliminate the potential for accidental ingestion.

Approximately 30,984 dolls were sold nationwide from January 2, 1987 to April 17, 1989 for $1.99.

The doll, approximately 6" long, has a vinyl head (no hair) and vinyl arms and legs that attach to a soft body. The doll is dressed in a two piece pajama type outfit (pink or blue with white trim) with Velcro closures. The pacifier is hung on a string around the neck of the doll.

Consumers are advised to discard the original doll pacifier immediately.

Neither the Company nor CPSC has received any reports of ingestion or injury associated with the doll's pacifier.

Consumers who desire a free baby bottle replacement should contact JA-RU, INC. at (904) 733-9311 or write to:

4030 Phillips Highway
Jacksonville, Florida 32207