July 27, 1988  
Release # 88-057

WASHINGTON, DC - Toys-R-Us of Paramus, New Jersey, is voluntarily recalling some 6,000 toy stationery sets because a razor blade cutting knife in the set may pose a potential laceration hazard to young children.

Imported from Taiwan, the toy stationery set was sold in Toys-R-Us stores between October and December 1987 for $7.99. The outer cardboard package was labeled "Submarine Stationery Set, Lucky Star Enterprise Taipei, Taiwan, #51073, - SKN012440 Recommended for ages 6 and up."

Constructed of plastic in the shape of submarine measuring seven inches long and four inches wide, the stationary set contains drawers and attachments which house a tape dispenser, pencil sharpener, scissors and razor blade cutting knife.

Consumers having the stationery set should take the toy away from children, then return it to the nearest Toys-R--Us store for a full refund of the purchase price.

Toy Stationary Sets Recalled by Toys-R-Us