June 6, 1988  
Release # 88-035

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Toycraft Industries of Brooklyn, New York is voluntarily recalling a stuffed teddy bear. The eyes and nose come off the bear and are small parts which present a serious choking hazard. A 2 year old child died of asphyxiation when the plastic nose from the teddy bear lodged at the base of her larynx.

The teddy bears are 26 inches tall and 9 inches wide across the chest and come in assorted colors. A sewn-in tag on the bears identifies the manufacturer as "Toycraft Industries, Inc., Brooklyn, New York," and further states, "Stuffed Toys for Tots and Teens."

Consumers should take the bear away from young children. A full refund will be offered at the store where the bear was purchased. Approximately 9,000 of the bears were sold during this past year for around $6.00.

Anyone wishing additional information may call Toycraft at (718) 788-2900.