Release # 88-046

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hedstrom Corporation of Bedford, Pa., again warned consumers to obtain a free repair kit for the company's "Probe VI" battery-powered toy all-terrain vehicle following reports to government safety experts that three more riding toys have caught fire or smoked. Hedstrom first announced availability of the repair kit last December, but consumer response has been slow.

According the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been 11 reported incidents of the six-wheeled toy ATVs catching fire. Serious personal injury or property damage could result if the riding toys are not modified with the repair kit to reduce the risk of fire.

Hedstrom said affected riding toys may be identified by checking the model label on the front underside of the plastic body. Models subject to the repair program, all of which do not contain fuses, are 67-3890, 67-3891, 67-3892, 67-3893 and 67- 38931. The label shows a manufacturing date prior to June, 1985, after which the company added fuses to the wiring harness. All riding toys equipped with fuses are not subject to the repair program.

Consumers having any of the affected Hedstrom Probe VI - riding toys should immediately stop using the toy and discard or destroy the toy.The firm is out of business and a remedy is no longer available.

 Top of the picture of a Probe VI

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  The ones manufactured prior to
June 1985 can catch fire because
they do not have fuses. Models affected are:
with dates of manufacture prior
to June 1985, as shown on the model
identification label.