June 15, 1988  
Release # 88-040

WASHINGTON, D.C. --In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Hanover House Industries, Inc. 340 Poplar Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania today announced the voluntary recall of approximately 24,000 Electric Mouse Traps. Although no incidents of electric shock or injuries have been reported, under certain circumstances these units might pose a possible risk of electric shock hazard.

The Commission learned of the problem from the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection. The product was imported from Hong Kong by Etna Products Co., New York, New York and was distributed to catalog companies including Hanover House. The Electric Mouse Traps are plastic cylinders with coils inside connected to 110 volt household electric supply. The primary source of a possible electrical shock hazard is associated with the bait container. The bait container is situated on the frame directly above the electrodes which are exposed and may be accessible when the bait container is removed to insert the bait.

These units were sold nationwide by catalog for $9.95 each. Consumers should stop the use of these items immediately. Hanover House is providing a $10 credit to mousetrap purchasers for the return of the device to Hanover House. The credit can be applied to the purchase price of merchandise from Hanover House. Consumers will also be refunded the cost of postage. If consumers have any questions, they can call Hanover House directly at 800-621-5800.
Picture of Electric Mouse Trap and its hazards